Where do the imported transactions appear?

Once you have set up a dummy bank account Xero in and mapped it correctly in our app choose the dummy bank account from your dashboard and then click on the Account transactions tab to to see the transactions that have been imported.

Our app imports all transactions in your Stripe account into your Xero account and places them in a dummy bank account that you need to create in Xero.

As part of the setup process, you get to choose which accounts in your Xero chart of accounts these transactions are posted against. So the way we use our app is to just import customer payments, refunds and Stripe fees into the relevant accounts in Xero (sales, refunds and bank fees).

You cannot reconcile customer payments that we import from your Stripe account against invoices in Xero. The Xero API does not allow it and there is no way around it.

The other thing to consider is that your actual bank account where Stripe deposits your actual money should be bringing in these transfers from Stripe into Xero already. Therefore we choose not to import these transfers to avoid duplicates.

Just to recap, we import customer payments, refunds and Stripe fees into a dummy bank account in Xero called "Stripe". We then configure our app to automatically reconcile these transactions against the sales, refunds and bank fees accounts in our chart of accounts.

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